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2014 Mix It Up Themes:

We have taken 2 awesome but different themes and mixed them together with lots of water fun to create a unique and awesome camp experience. Pick from one of 5 awesome choices for your Splash Camp, or join us as a Counselor-In-Training to help with the fun!

surfer campicky corral camp iconsuperhero school camp iconpirate olympics camp icontotally monsters camp icon

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2014 Camp Dates / Times:

  • SPLASH CAMP #1 - 06/09-06/13 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Secret Surfers)
  • SPLASH CAMP #2 - 06/16-06/20 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Icky Corral)
  • SPLASH CAMP #3 - 06/23-06/27 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Superhero School)
  • SPLASH CAMP #4 - 06/30-07/04 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Gold Medal Pirates)
  • SPLASH CAMP #5 - 07/07-07/11 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Totally Monsters)
  • SPLASH CAMP #6 - 07/14-07/18 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Secret Surfers) - SOLD OUT
  • SPLASH CAMP #7 - 07/21-07/25 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Icky Corral)
  • SPLASH CAMP #8 - 07/28-08/01 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Superhero School)
  • SPLASH CAMP #9 - 08/04-08/08 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Gold Medal Pirates)
  • SPLASH CAMP #10 - 08/11-08/15 - 8:00am-2:30pm (Totally Monsters)

*FREE extended play available till 4pm with signed parent release from

Camp Fee:

  • $125 per camper / per session

Camper Requirements:

  • Splash Campers must be between 7-15 yrs old
  • Counselors-In-Training must be between 12-15 yrs old (10 spots per session available)
  • All campers must be able to swim one pool length without assistance or will be required to wear a lifejacket provided by The Wave for all water activities.

What to Bring:

  • Campers will each be provided with a t-shirt that will be worn each day to camp.

  • Campers will need to bring:

    • Swimsuit (females one piece suits)
    • towel
    • tennis shoes
    • sunscreen (labeled with name)
    • waterbottle (labeled with name)
    • lunch or $ for lunch (meal tickets can be purchased for $5 each)


  • Complete your online registration request here and you will be contacted for payment.
  • Spaces in each camp are limited, so reserve your spot today! Space is not confirmed until payment is received.

Camp Descriptions:

Secret Surfer Camp:

surfer campYour mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to go totally gnarly with your new surfer friends. Undercover, you will learn how to ride the wave (aka. Flow Rider), inspect clues to complete your challenges, and find out about the Aloha spirit. The goal of your mission is to have as much fun as possible being a secret agent surfer! (This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.)


Icky Corral Camp:

icky corral camp icon

Howdy Dude! Here comes the ickiest, yuckiest and most enjoyable Wild West adventure! Let the slime splash, the mud slurp and lassos fly as cowboys and cowgirls take part in messy lab experiments and rodeo challenges. Get ready to saddle up partner, because we are going to have to clean up after all this fun!


Superhero School:

superhero school camp icon

How do superheroes learn to use their powers? They go to school! Take a class with our teachers and learn what being a superhero is all about. Recess games are always a blast when you can use your super strength, x-ray vision, and superhero senses. Get ready for an A+ on your report card, since this superhero class is super incredible!


Gold Medal Pirates:

pirate olympics camp icon

Aye, Olympians...prepare to board! Join your Captain, as we set sail down the journey to compete in the opening ceremonies! You will have to earn your gold medals, ye mates! Step up to the podium and show Blackbeard what an awesome first mate and athlete you are. Let's see how many medals you can earn for your team treasure chest!


Totally Monsters:

totally monsters camp icon

Like, how totally awesome do monsters, neon, mullets, and 80's music go together? Complete Awesomeness! Little monsters, come join us for a week stuck in the 80's as we dance, create music videos, play M.A.S.H., and outrageous monster-sized games! It is going to be scary and rad!


Counselor-In-Training Camp (CIT):

Our CIT program is designed for youth who are interested in developing leadership skills and assisting with running camp games and activities for younger children. CIT's will be provided with leadership topics and activities and then will be given a chance to show what they have learned while helping the Splash Camp participants! Only 10 CIT's per session.


If you have any questions regarding camps, contact our friendly staff at (760)940-9283 (WAVE).