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Wave Fundraisers

The Wave is excited to partner with your group for a fun and exciting fundraising partnership! We have several options of fundraisers to meet your needs. Below are our three 2016 fundrasing program options:

Option #1: Duck Race Fundraiser


We will be holding our annual Duck Race & Preview Event on May 22, 2016. Join our Duck Race Fundraiser by signing up to sell duck tickets for the event. Duck tickets will be sold for $5 ($2 going to your organization and $3 going to The Wave programs).

Purchase of the duck ticket includes a chance to win great prizes along with FREE waterpark admission to The Wave on May 22, 2016 from 1-4pm (all attractions will be operational). Our duck race will be held at approximagely 2:30pm on May 22, 2016. All the ducks sold will race around the river for a chance at great prizes!

The Wave will provide duck tickets, flyers and all of the prizes to your organization. Get started today on this easy fundraiser! Call (760) 940-WAVE for information or registration!

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Option #2: Friday Nite Splash Ticket Fundraiser


Promote your organization by participating in our Friday Nite Splash Ticket fundraising program. Sell tickets (provided by The Wave) to one of our Friday Nite Splash events on:

  • June 10th (4-8pm)
  • June 24th (4-8pm)
  • July 8th (4-8pm)
  • July 22th (4-8pm)
  • August 5th (4-8pm)
  • August 19th (4-8pm)
  • September 2nd (4-8pm)
  • September 16th (4-8pm)

Tickets will be sold for $7.00 (regular admission is $8.95) and your group will earn $2.00 for every ticket sold.

Friday Nite Splash events are extended Wave hours with fun games and activities for all ages!

Get started today on this easy fundraiser! Call (760) 940-WAVE for information, registration, or to check availability!

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Option #3: Innertube Waterpolo Fundraiser


Our innertube waterpolo fundraiser option is a great way to get everyone in on the action! Innertube waterpolo is a fun an exciting event for all ages and swimming levels. The players are required to stay in an innertube which levels out the playing field and creates fun and excitement!

Your fundraiser will include a private rental of the heated competition pool. The Wave will provide innertubes, coaches to explain, demonstrate, and umpire the game, along with lifeguards to keep the activities safe! Cost for your innertube waterpolo fundraiser is $250 per hour!

You set the price on your tickets (The Wave will provide admission tickets for you to sell). All you have to do is sell tickets to your innertube waterpolo event! The more people you bring to your event the more money you will earn! In fact, host several hours and have a tournament! We can structure your event into one large game or several smaller games!

Innertube waterpolo fundraisers can be scheduled at any available time after park hours and are a great fun way to raise money for your organization. Add excitement by encouraging team outfits and team names - even cheerleaders can come and watch from the sidelines!

Get started today on this easy fundraiser! Call (760) 940-WAVE for information or registration!

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